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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment method options can I choose from?
The online giving platform will accept direct contributions from checking or savings accounts. We also accept credit and debit card gifts.
How often will payments be pulled from my account?
You may choose the frequency of your gift on the next screen when you enter your personal information.
How can I get a record of my giving?
You may download a giving statement anytime by clicking the 'Giving History' link on the left sidebar of this screen.
How do I update my bank account or credit card information?
If you need to edit your bank account of credit card information, please delete your existing profile and create a new profile.
Can I test this system by giving one-time?
Yes. There is an option to give a one-time gift. This is a great way to better understand how the system works.
I've signed up for automatic recurring gifts but would like to change my preferences or need to stop. How do I do this?
You can make changes at any time by using the "Manage Giving Profiles" button on the left sidebar. Once you login, you can change any of your preferences or stop your automated giving. If you have any trouble, please e-mail or call Sozo's office at &720) 476-6135.